The pneumonia epidemic caused by COVID-19 affects the hearts of people across the country. During the critical period when the people worked together to face th...
Dear International Students of SEU, In order to strengthen the control of the novel coronavirus spreading, SEU is making the ...
I am Shah Faisal Khan from Pakistan, a Ph.D. candidate at Southeast University Nanjing living in China since 2015. Living in China for more than 4 years I feel ...

What does Strive for Perfection mean?

  • The basic demands of the school motto is to perfect oneself, care for others, pursue the perfection, and maintain excellence. 
  • Recently, the overseas students in Southeast University are also paying close attention to the NCP. Hu Shi, an international student of Southeast University, is a doctor of medicine. He made a popular science video for NCP. Let's have a look!
  • Two "Alex"es become friends, let's watch their campus stories.
  • Faisal: I'm striving for my PhD Degree Shah Faisal Khan is a 28-year-old boy from Pakistan. Majoring in Electrical Engineering, he has spent more than 2 years in Southeast University. In the year 2017, he successfully completed his Master Degree from School of Electrical Engineering, and he is currently enrolled in PhD Program of Electrical Engineering.      What motivated ...
  • What kind of life will you experience in the city of Nanjing?